Pardoo Beef Corporation owns, manages  and leases a number of properties across Western Australia including:

Pardoo Station

With 200,000 hectares of prime grazing country, significant water resources and 150 years of pastoral heritage, Pardoo Station forms the centre of Pardoo Beef Corporation’s irrigated cattle operations.

Continuing development of the irrigation precinct at Pardoo Station will underpin the company’s overall strategy to develop a world-class Pilbara Wagyu herd.

Purchased by Pardoo Beef Corporation in 2015, Pardoo Station is located approximately 160 kilometres east of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Pardoo Station is located on the traditional lands of the Ngarla Indigenous people. Pardoo Beef Corporation has a close collaborative relationship with the Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation to develop long-lasting and wide-ranging benefits for the whole community.

Yarrangi and Yuwa Stations

Through a 20 year Agreement with the Bunuba Aboriginal Corporation executed in 2021 Pardoo Beef has had access to additional breeding country for its Wagyu herd expansion. Bunuba people also receive training and mentoring from the Pardoo team as part of the Wagyu enterprise.

Mowanjum Station

Pardoo Beef through an agistment agreement with Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation has a herd  managed by a team which also provides training and mentoring for the Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation.

Chedaring Farm

Located in the Wundowie region of Western Australia, Chedaring is 430 hectares property which currently runs a Crossbred Wagyu operation. It is also developing as a Fullblood Wagyu production centre which will feed high end Wagyu genetics into the company.

Lake Glesna

Lake Glesna located in the Perth hills, is run in conjunction with Chedaring Farm and features almost 500 hectares of good quality fattening country. Lake Glesna includes a 22-hectare centre pivot servicing a high yielding lucerne operation.