Pardoo wins AWA Branded Beef Gold Medal

Pardoo Beef Corporation was the proud winner of the Australian Wagyu Association branded beef competition held in Adelaide in May 2019. With established provenance from the pristine shores of the Pilbara, the Pardoo branded Wagyu product has already received several accolades and prizes from 2016 to date.

Some of the judge’s comments included: Rich aroma, beefy, easy to bite and enjoyably chewy. Soft, smooth and creamy flavour, sensational injection of fats to the mouth. Rich and rewarding to the palate.
Very juicy, enjoyably chewy, nice buttery caramel flavours, nice mouthfeel. Beefy and minerally aroma. Very tender but grainy. Long lasting juiciness. Mineral, metallic, earthy. Well marbled with juicy texture. Enjoyable buttery flavour.