Momentum Grows for Irrigation Plans – Business News

Singaporean Bruce Cheung is as motivated to see a dramatic expansion of agribusiness in the Pilbara as he is ambitious. His Pardoo Beef Corporation, which was purchased in 2015, runs 11,000 head of cattle on a station in the Pilbara, with most headed for China or South Korea.
Mr Cheung plans to eventually have a herd in the north nearly 10 times that size to sustain feedlotting and processing operations in the region, which will underpin a Pilbara Beef brand to rival that of the famous Japanese Wagyu.
“It’s not about Pardoo, I’m not a young man,” Mr Cheung told Business News.
“I want to provide it so that the region has an option for change.
“Why can’t we (producers in the region) be named in this world as Pilbara Beef?”