With world-class road, port, rail and air transport infrastructure, and the same business time zone as approximately 60 percent of the world’s population, the Pilbara has unparalleled connectivity to international markets.

With the world’s population expected to reach 8.5 billion people by 2030, and Asian food demand set to double by 2050, the region is ideally positioned to support the coming dining boom, with an emphasis on the specific requirement for clean, green and traceable beef products.

Pardoo Beef Corporation is driving this connection between the Pilbara region of Western Australia and discerning beef customers in key markets including the UAE, Thailand, China, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

Our long-term and large-scale programmes allow us to establish enduring customer partnerships that enable the delivery of product directly against specific customer needs, as well as consistent, high quality and reliable supply.