Pardoo Beef Corporation’s herd is being transformed into purebred Wagyu and crossbred Wagyu cattle.

This is made possible by using our extensive pivot irrigation system to create and support perennial pasture allowing for the introduction of the Wagyu breed.

Our crossbred Wagyu herd is based on collaborative breeding programs with partner stations.

Early genetic work has already achieved significant results, with a crossbred Pardoo Beef Corporation entry claiming the grand champion beef title at the prestigious National Wagyu Branded Beef Competition in May 2016. This was followed by bronze medal success in the commercial Wagyu steak class at the 2017 National Wagyu Branded Beef Competition. The company has received consistent gold medal awards every year with the latest for our Okan Wagyu brand in 2021.

Our Environment

The Pilbara region is one of the most remote and remarkable parts of Australia, and Pardoo Station has a unique place within it with a pastoral history tracing back to 1865. Our breeding country now extends to the Kimberley as far north as the Fitzroy Crossing.

The purity of this environment, the vastness of its skies, and thousands of kilometres of untouched coast line make it an exceptional environment to raise cattle.

After obtaining target weights cattle are shifted to the South West of Western Australia where they are further grain-fed for target markets.

Our Genetics

Pardoo Beef Corporation has partnered with leading international breeders as well as some of Australia’s finest to build the Pilbara’s first Wagyu herd as well as branded Wagyu programs from other regions.

Going as far afield as Hokkaido, Japan, to achieve purebred perfection within an optimal time frame, Pardoo Beef Corporation has worked with the famed Shogo Takeda from Takeda Farms.

Mr Takeda’s fullblood genetic influence has enabled Pardoo Beef Corporation to establish artesian micro farming practices on Pardoo Station pivots, which collectively create scale.

Within Australia, Pardoo Beef Corporation works with key industry partners Peter Hughes from Georgina Pastoral in Queensland and niche suppliers in Western Australia; guardians of some of the most reputable genetics in the industry.

Our Processing

The products produced from our Pilbara operations are processed in partnership with Bunbury-based V&V Walsh, EST #686.

Holding a highly sought after China export licence, Pardoo Beef Corporation is able to provide both frozen and chilled product to this major export market.