At Pardoo Beef Corporation we pay particular attention to the critical elements that impact the end quality of our branded products. Consistent award winners at the Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef competitions since 2016, we bring to markets unique quality beef products from the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

Chef Alejandro Saravia, Director/Executive Chef, renowned for his Peruvian Restaurants, presents Pardoo Wagyu cooked in the outback style on Pardoo Station in the Pilbara. Pardoo Wagyu will feature at his restaurants Uma Restaurant, Pastuso Restaurant, Farmer’s Daughters.

Our Brands

Pardoo Beef Corporation’s boxed beef products are sold under our own exclusive brands, designed to address different customer needs.

Kimbara Black Label

Kimbara Black Label is a cross from Purebred Wagyu Male (93.75% Wagyu) and Bos Indicus Female. It has 46.8% Wagyu Content and 53.2% Bos Indicus Content.

  • Kimbara Black 牛是从纯种和牛公牛(93.75%和牛血统)和瘤牛母牛杂交而来, 含有46.8%的和牛成分和53.2%瘤牛成分
  • 1100 head available from Q1 2020, 90HD per Month, /从2020年一季度开始有1100头, 每月90头
  • Can be Customized to requirements / 可以按照客户要求进行分割
  • Chilled or Frozen product available / 可以提供冰鲜或者冰冻产品
  • Partially chilled or frozen also available / 在生产中也可以提供部分冰 鲜部分冰冻产品

PARDOO Okan Wagyu 2pp A4 flyers WEB

Okan Wagyu

Okan Wagyu, from its name origin meaning ‘fit for the Emperor’, is one of our newest brands that will be used in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong. It is a high quality Wagyu that has passed tasting tests and been commended for its demonstrated provenance, unique taste profile, buttery taste and high marbling. Chilled or frozen cuts can be made available to client specifications.

2024 Awards

2021 Awards

The announcement of the Australian Wagyu Association 2021 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition winners is an annual highlight for Australia’s leading luxury beef brands. The medallists were recognised during a much anticipated Gala Dinner during the 2021 WagyuEdge annual conference on the Gold Coast on 28 April 2021. With 36 entries from across the country, the competition represents the very best Australian Wagyu has to offer.

Pardoo’s Okan Brand was the winner of the Gold Medal in the Open Cross Bred Wagyu Steak Category and Champion and Gold in the Commercial Wagyu Steak Category.

2021 WBBC Results [PDF]

2020 Awards

Pardoo Beef Corporation was the 2020 winner of two Gold Medals with its Okan Brand in the Australian Wagyu Association Competition in the following categories:

  • Class 3 Commercial Wagyu Steak Category MS 5-7- Gold and Champion
  • Class 2 Open Cross Bred Wagyu Steak Gold Medal

These awards bring recognition to the whole of Pardoo effort as well as to our mentors and industry partners.

See the full awards ceremony here: AWA Branded Beef Competition 2020 Awards


First Growth Wagyu

A long-term Purebred Wagyu program with consistent supply of product showing maximum marbling, both in overall quantity and ribbon-like quality.

Raised near the border of the Northern Territory and Queensland by Hughes Pastoral Group in lush pastural ranges, fed a special ration for a minimum of 400 days at Maydan Feedlot in Warwick, Queensland, and processed at specialty Wagyu processor John Dee; this is high performance Wagyu.

With fully traceable bloodlines, the program delivers only Purebred (F4) animals with a bell curve of marbling scores at the very top end.

The result is a consistent end product with terrific meat colour, fat colour and of course the mouth watering, rich taste of premium marbled Wagyu beef.

Cattle BreedF4 Wagyu Purebred
Grain FedMinimum 400 days
Grading SpecificationsAUSMEAT MS 5-9+
Average Carcass Weight400kg
Processing PlantJohn Dee, EST#243


Pardoo Wagyu

Our premium beef product, Pardoo Wagyu, is selected from our world-class purebred Wagyu herd founded on extensive genetic understanding and perfected with our grain-fed finishing programme.

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