Pardoo Wagyu

Transforming the Pilbara pastoral Industry

A vision to transform

Pardoo Wagyu is leading a shared investment of $200 million in the Pilbara region to develop a world-class West Australian Wagyu beef industry.

With a goal of establishing a regional breeding herd of purebred Wagyu animals, and an extensive Wagyu Crossbred operation, Pardoo Wagyu’s vision will create an extremely high quality and safe beef product ready to meet growing demand, whilst providing Pilbara pastoralists with access to new markets and diversification from live cattle exports.

Pardoo Wagyu and its pastoral partners will have up to 6,000 hectares of crops under irrigation using groundwater from sustainable regional water resources, including the Wallal Aquifer, a part of the West Canning Basin.

This will allow Pardoo Wagyu and partners to drought‑proof operations, develop and background weaners year‑round, and increase the fecundity of breeding heifers through increased nutrition.

With the relevant water licenses, access to the latest technology in pasture and feed production, and significant infrastructure investment, Pardoo Wagyu, in conjunction with the Pilbara pastoral sector, will look to deliver an annual turnoff of 100,000 animals of the highest Wagyu quality by 2031.

This vision will improve profitability of the Pilbara rangelands by producing a higher value product for discerning global markets, and increase productivity by allowing Pilbara pastoralists to run herds which better match the region’s environmental capacity.

Our vision complements key government initiatives including the State Government’s Transforming Agriculture in the Pilbara (TAP) initiative, and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Northern Beef Futures (NBF) programme. More broadly, the operation is fully aligned with the State Government’s stated goal of significantly increasing the Agricultural sector’s contribution to the Gross State Product by 2025.

The broader regional project will create up to 1900 full-time jobs and justify a northern abattoir and feeding and cold storage facilities, with multipliers amounting to an estimated $3 billion of economic contribution to the WA economy.


Image: Pardoo Wagyu chairman Bruce Cheung